With Your Brand in Mind

When communicating your message online, few things are more powerful than a strong visual campaign. The power of digital marketing is the ability to share your message in a highly engaging, interactive way.

Whether I’m working with a boutique jewelry designer or a major corporation, my goal is always to communicate the client’s marketing message in a way that connects with their audience.  I have the unique experience of having worked as a model and a relationship-based marketer. I know how valuable a strong brand identity can be for both  your digital and offline efforts.

Corporate Services

  • Visual Campaigns
  • Social Campaigns
  • Brand Ambassadorship

Visual Campaigns

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  • – Model in your banner ad, lookbook,  digital media or offline marketing materials
  • – Create visual brand assets for your social media campaign
  • – Implement a complete brand ambassador or spokesmodel strategy[/note]

In a sea of ever growing information, making your content stand out is essential. Whether it’s a blog post, Facebook update or tweet, the level of engagement increases significantly when content is accompanied by a relevant, high-quality visual.

The rise of infographics is proof of the “value of the visual” in marketing success. Is your organization leveraging the power of this tactic in your online campaigns?

My team can create powerful photo campaigns that engage, pull in your target audience, and convert.


Brand Ambassadorship

The power of a brand representative goes far beyond promotional models at tradeshows. I’ll work directly with your marketing team to uncover your brand’s story. We’ll craft a unique presentation that connects with your audience and builds awareness with your prospects.


To learn more about my runway & editorial work, click here.