The Personal

My story has an interesting beginning. I was born in a small town, to star-crossed lovers. When my father died, I was lucky to have loving godparents who stepped in and watched over me. As the years passed, I would overcome a host of obstacles before finding my own path to freedom.

Music and art, mainly in the form of fashion sketches, served as my outlet. I consider myself a lover of beauty in all its forms–breathtaking nature, stunning architecture, a delicious meal, music that stirs the soul…and its myriad other permutations.

At my core, I am an artist. Creativity drives me, and I’m consumed by it when working on a project. Those who know me can attest to my habit of not sleeping when captured by a new idea. Whatever title you use for me–whether it’s model, creative, environmental advocate or collaborator– is a product of my passion for seeing ideas take form.

I believe that  each of us has a desire to affect the world in which we live. Our missions may be different, but you & I are part of a grand design. My vision in life is to do my part & inspire others to do the same.

– Ilena Banks

The Professional

Ilena Banks Profile by Stacy Guthrie

Ilena Banks has carved out an unusual trail in her quest to build a career focused on her passions. With a background in finance and political science, she has gone on to work as a runway model and entrepreneur.

Her lifelong focus on environmentalism led to her choice to found Ayurvega, a digital media platform that creates and curates high-quality content about plant-based sustainable living.

In addition to her duties as Creative Principal of MAVEN Creative, a digital marketing studio, she is currently collaborating on a variety of new media projects and a plant-based lifestyle subscription service. Banks currently lives in greater Atlanta.

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