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How to Kickstart Your Social Media Plan in One Simple Step

If you hired me to work with your company on a social media marketing plan, one of my first 3 questions when I walked into your office would be:

“What is your primary customer persona?”


A customer persona, or buyer profile, is a clear picture of the target market you serve. What are the broad strokes of their lifestyle? How does your product or service fill a need for your ideal customer?

If you don’t have an detailed idea of who it is you hope to serve, constructing a successful social media program to connect with her is going to be difficult.

A high net worth banking institution is looking to work with clients holding significant assets, not first-year college students. The social content created for each of these groups should be totally different. Without a clear customer persona, your organization will waste time and resources creating general “push marketing” that doesn’t thoroughly engage anyone.

Different businesses have different customer personae. If your company serves more than one market segment, you must construct a clear buyer persona for each of them before you begin developing content.


Why One Size Fits All Doesn’t Work


The problem with generic, mass-media style marketing in an online environment is that it doesn’t speak to a core group. By attempting to grab the most eyeballs possible (a la TV advertising), companies miss out on the genius of social media. Creating digital content requires attention to the specialized needs of a niche market, segmented based on lifestyle, social interests, location demographics, or just about any other metric a marketer can imagine.

This gives your business a profound opportunity never before available to marketers. You can effectively engage multiple, specific customer groups in a highly interactive way. Savvy companies can now communicate with each customer type they serve, and receive direct feedback from those customers on every piece of content!

For example, your organization could create a series of how-to videos for your website, share them on YouTube and gauge your community’s reaction on Twitter in real-time. It’s an exciting time to connect with your market.


First, you have to know exactly what your market looks like.

You can’t hit a target you can’t see.

Take the first step toward building a social community around your business today by getting clear on exactly who you want to reach with your social media efforts.


If your organization is ready to develop a strategy to connect with your customers in an authentic way, I’m here to help. Together, we can develop a content and social media strategy that engages your audience and goes beyond communication to community. Want to know more about working with me?


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