Ilena Takes On: How to Be More Confident Instantly

No matter what was going on in my world as a kid, my Mom always gave the same advice: never let them see you sweat. When I’d come home crying about some kid bullying me or calling me names, she’d assure me that they were “just jealous.” If I held my head high & felt good inside, she promised they’d see me for the awesome person I was.

Thanks Mom. I’ve never forgotten the lesson.

Have you ever felt a little down in dumps? Not quite feeling your mojo lately? Whatever your current circumstance, taking control of your confidence will pull you out of negativity & draw great people & opportunities to you.

This video includes 3 VERY simple steps you can take to improve your confidence-anytime, anywhere.

Step 1: Straighten up! Posture is key to controlling mood, and sends a clear signal to others about how we feel about ourselves. Confident people stand stall, look up and communicate “Here I am!” to the world!

2. Give your lungs a work out. You need air to function at a high level. Stand tall, take a deep breath, hold for 4 counts, then exhale slowly. Your mental clarity and overall mood will improve dramatically.

3. Visualize your outcome. Take 2 minutes, sit down, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and visualize what it feels like to be confident and charming. You’re fabulous, and everyone around is drawn to your magnetic energy. How does it feel? Now, carry that feeling with you throughout the day.

Bonus: Smile! This one’s kind of obvious, but all of us forget how powerful a smile can be, for ourselves & others. Use yours to say, “I’m an interesting, engaged & pleasant person” without saying a word.

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