From Mainstream to Me Marketing

The Shift: How Mass Marketing Became ME Marketing

It’s our own fault. For decades, marketers were so busy building giant, “one size fits all” mass media campaigns and competing to win awards that we missed the turning tide.

From constant entertainment interruption to subliminal messaging, we tried it all. We kept bombarding the public with egotistical messages about how fabulous our products were and how unfulfilled their lives were without them, until the inevitable happened.

They tuned us out completely.

 Long before TiVo made its appearance, our brains has begun to filter out the constant barrage of advertisements. Instead of lighting up like Christmas trees at the sight of the latest sleek offering from ACME Corporation, they learned to block it out, just like white noise.

I grew up just as Rome began to burn. In the early 90’s, advertising aimed at children had reached a fever pitch, and Saturday morning cartoons for the playground set might as well have been called the “Buy Me” hour. My pint-sized crew quickly learned the power of channel surfing, a skill we’ve carried with us ever since.

 Thank you, my marketing predecessors.

 In today’s world, where we can block out nearly every one-way message a company could throw at us, organizations interested in survival must take another approach. TV commercials are on their last gasp. Banner ads? Dead. Billboards? Skyline pollution.

That Was Then…

Mass marketing no longer works for 90% of companies. Unless you are a mega-brand, no one pays attention to 95% of your marketing and PR efforts. At this point, it’s safe to say even giant brands are feeling the heat of sticking to conventional marketing.

 THIS Is Now.

If your organization is to survive, you must shift from mass marketing to ME marketing. The new message is targeted, designed to speak to consumers based on their individual tastes and interests. The mantra of today’s consumer community is: WIIFM? What’s In It For ME?


The day of the nameless, faceless behemoth is gone.

Humanize or die.


So, there you have it. How marketers killed the golden goose, and the opportunity rising from its ashes. Now that you know, what are you going to do about it? Will your company be a Me marketing case study or a mass marketing casualty?


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