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Au Courant: Be Seen in Green

Each year, worldwide color authority Pantone selects the “Color of the Year, ” a trend signal in every industry from fashion to home design. Interested in getting in on the fun? Read on to find out what makes this year’s pick both hot & very, very cool.



It’s finally arrived!


Pantone’s color of the year for 2013 gives a nod to The Wiz, the Emerald Isle, the eco-focused and May babies everywhere. Color #17-5641 is Emerald, the hottest hue of the year. It’s showing up in collections in every price point for Spring.


What’s Hot About this Hue


According to color therapists, green is the balancing element of the color spectrum. In addition to its association with environmental consciousness and symbiosis with nature, green has a powerful effect on individual well-being. It’s associated with the heart chakra & brings a sense of harmony to the emotions. Who knew?


Emerald Elements:

  • – Balancing
  • – Harmony inducing
  • – Regenerative
  • – Signals new direction


The Art of Incorporation


Any time of year, jewel tones make a bold statement. If you’re not a color maven yet, the best approach is to ease into it with colorful statement pieces. A great emerald ring or bracelet is right on-trend without screaming “here I am.”


For the gents, slip on a jewel-toned number by Jaan J. or a made-to-measure dress shirt by Proper Cloth. Both offer environmentally responsible fashion that hits all the right notes style-wise.


Check out some of my favorite picks in this glamorous shade to get inspired.

Emerald Options: Environmentally Conscious Style in Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year | Ilena Banks


Are you a fan of the 2013 Pantone pick? Tell us how you’re greening your wardrobe this year in the comments.


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